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Spring Replacement (Broken Spring?)

broken garage door spring

All residential garage doors are equipped with a spring system. The type of spring system depends on the age or type of door, and the amount of space is in the garage. A Broken Spring is a very common repair here are the three most common types of garage door springs are:

1. Conventional Torsion Spring - Most newer doors are equipped with this, as long as long as space is available. The conventional torsion spring is one of the best spring systems on the market today. It sits atop the inside of the garage door, and comes in many sizes depending on the weight of the garage door. These doors are usually rated at 10,000 cycles.

At A Absolute Garage Door Co., our torsion springs come with a 4 YEAR WARRANTY. We also offer high cycle torsion springs, which are larger in size and come with an 8 YEAR WARRANTY.

2. Extension Spring - This older type is still widely used on garage doors today.  An extension spring system runs along the side of the garage door. This type of spring is sometimes installed on a new garage door when there is not enough space over the garage door for a conventional torsion setup. They vary in size depending on the weight of the garage door. 

At A Absolute Garage Door Co., our extension springs are backed by a 4 YEAR WARRANTY. Extension springs are very hazardous if a safety cable is not in place.  When these springs break they can shoot off at high speeds, causing damage to property, vehicles, or physical harm.

3. EZ Torsion Springs - This type of spring is concealed in a tube above the garage door. EZ torsion springs are commonly found on Wayne Dalton doors or doors that were installed by a contractor. These springs are also rated by garage door weight.

Since EZ torsion springs are internal, the most common replacement for this type is a conventional torsion setup. 

While spring replacements are the most common repair for a garage door, they are also the most dangerous.  IN ORDER TO PREVENT DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, VEHICLES, AS WELL AS POSSIBLE INJURY OR DEATH, SPRINGS SHOULD ONLY BE INSTALLED BY A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL.