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Garage Door Services (Garage Repair)

garage door repair & service

        With so many moving components on a garage door, over time, some parts will need to be replaced or serviced due to normal wear and tear. In an effort to save time on a untimely Garage Repair and provide top notch service, we carry a majority of commonly replaced parts on our work trucks daily. For a free estimate on maintenance, repair or replacement on your garage door or garage opener, call us today at 888.634.7239

        A Absolute Garage Door Co. is a family owned and operated garage door solutions provider that services the greater Chicagoland area. Our trained technicians are available to service your door or opener the same day. 

Services We Provide

Garage Door Openers

Many issues can be fixed by replacing worn out gears or sprockets inside the operator. Another issue could require the maintenance or replacement of the photo eyes. We recommend performing routine maintenance to keep your opener running optimally, before any untimely repairs are necessary.

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Broken Cables

Broken or snapped cables are a normal occurrence. Cables on a garage door hold and transfer the weight of the door to the springs, to assist the door in the lifting process. Cables that become frayed, worn or snapped should be changed immediately! A broken cable could leave you with a door that does not budge up or down, and is very dangerous to replace.   

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Spring Replacement

Spring replacement on a garage door is one of the most common issues customers have. Most springs are rated at 10,000 cycles and at that point they typically begin to break down. This is the most dangerous repair on a garage door and should only be completed by trained professionals.  

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Panel Replacement

Panel replacement on most doors is achievable. If a door has one damaged section there is no need to replace the whole door we will change out that damaged section. Sometimes accidents happen and were here to help.

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Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is by far the most critical services that can be done. A routine maintenance check up or tune up can help prolong all the moving parts on your door as well as preventing you to have multiple garage door problems at onetime. We recommend having a trained professional service your door annually. 

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Garage door parts come in all shapes and sizes, all parts have their own function. All makes should be lubricated about every 3-4 months. As with any moving part no part will last forever and even the smallest of parts should not be over looked and should be changed immediately. 

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Commercial Overhead Doors

A majority of commercial overhead doors are custom made, using different materials and coming in many different sizes. Commercial doors have higher standards and regulations that must be met. As with residential doors, parts are designed not to last forever and should be regularly inspected, in order to avoid the need for major repair or replacement.  

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Electronic Security Gates

Security gates are a combination of commercial grade electronic operator mixed with commercial standards. All together in either a residential location or entryway for a business. Security gates are one more way A Absolute Garage Door Co. brings the convenience to you or your business.  

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New Garage Doors & Openers

A Absolute Garage Door Co. is your one stop shop for repairing, replacing and maintaining all components of your garage door and opener. We service any make & brand.

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