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Commercial garage doors are all unique in one manner or another. Commercial garage doors come in all sizes and are built by many different materials and styles. Since each industry has its own sets of standards, each commercial door is in its own way a custom door.  Commercial clients customize garage doors based on their specific needs. Some factors to consider are the preferred opening mechanism, door material, insulation, inclusion of windows, location within the building, and clearance needed. Commercial garage doors are usually used a lot more then the average residential garage door, requiring a more powerful electronic operator.

Commercial garage doors are held to much higher standards than residential doors to better suit industrial needs. Commercial doors need to provide maximum security, while also complying with OSHA requirements and local codes. Commercial garage doors include break-away bottom sections towards the bottom of the door that allow the door to give way in the event of an impact. The break-away section prevents damage to the door, opener, and building and can be reset rather easily without the need to call for a repair. 

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